Surya Transgradient Healing
Offered By Dave Walker, CMT
Santa Cruz, California

People are complex beings. We are born into the world with physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects. Life’s circumstances and happenings impact and alter these aspects such that we become out of balance and move away from who we truly are. Healing is the process of bringing all aspects back toward balance and wholeness. The more fully these aspects are accessed, the deeper the healing process will be. The more fully these aspects are integrated, the better one’s state of health will be.

In addition to the above mentioned aspects, we also simultaneously exist at many levels of being - from the purely physical to the purely transcendent. Most forms of healing focus on a single level or aspect. Surya Healing works transgradiently through energetic connection bringing healing to multiple aspects and levels in each moment. The focus of Surya Transgradient Healing is to tap into your innate desire to heal and return to wholeness. By transgradiently connecting to the core of your being, that which is not part of your true essence has the opportunity to shift and self-correct.

Named after the Vedic god of healing, Surya Transgradient Healing assists in reaching inwardly to that place inside you that knows all truths. Each individual is invited to connect with their own essence in their own way and in their own time. Surya Transgradient Healing brings shift and transformation to all aspects and levels allowing you to better get in touch with who you truly are.

Surya Transgradient Healing assists in shifting emotional and energetic patterns that are distortions of your own true nature expanding your understanding of your self. In doing so, you allow the flow of life to happen more smoothly and spontaneously.

The focus is to access your body’s self-correcting mechanism and your innate desire to heal. Each session is uniquely suited to the individual client by focusing on what is needed in the moment and enlivening that which is already whole. During sessions, the client is usually lying down on a massage table. There is no need to wear special clothing, but it is good to wear comfortable clothes. Sessions can include any of the following:

Sessions are an hour or more and the fee is a sliding scale $60-$90 per hour based on what you can afford.

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Dave Walker, CMT

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May 10, 2002