Dances of Universal Peace Experiential Workshops
Offered By Dave Nur-al-Haqq Walker

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Dances of Universal Peace Workshop
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"<workshop title>", a Dances of Universal Peace Experiential Workshop will be held <day of week>, <month and day>, from <start time> to <end time> at the <place>, <address>.

According to workshop leader Dave Nur-al-Haqq Walker, the goal of the workshop is to facilitate one's own personal experience with the Divine within, plus offer some simple tools/techniques to carry those experiences into daily life.

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<for Touching Rahm Within> "In Native Middle Eastern tradition, Rahm (pronounced rah-hum) is the principal archetype of unconditional love and the original sacred womb of creation," explains Dave. "Touching Rahm Within offers the opportunity to find the Rahm which exists deep within our bodies and collective psyche."

<for The Magic of Ishq> "In Native Middle Eastern tradition, Ishq (pronounced ish-k) is love manifest as attraction and the glue that holds the Universe together," explains Dave. "The Magic of Ishq offers the opportunity to deeply explore the energies that tug at our hearts."

<for Dancing the Goddess> "Most of the world's spiritual traditions are rich with aspects of the Divine Feminine. There are many beautiful Dances of Universal Peace which reflect this," Dave explains. "Dancing the Goddess honors and celebrates the Goddess in each one of us as well as explores our connection to Mother Earth."

<for God Unpersonified> "Throughout the ages, the Divine has been personified in countless forms, largely in an effort to help us relate, understand, connect. But for many of us, our worship has become lost in the personification - acting to separate us from our own personal spiritual experiences," Dave explains. "By moving into our heads to intellectually understand the symbols and all they have come to represent, we tend to move away from our soul, spirit, intuition... our true knowing."

<for HeartSongs> "Quiet the mind and the heart will speak volumes. With our focus on all that the heart has to offer, we will explore and celebrate the Divine Mystery through story, dance, and song," Dave explains.

The main basis for the work is the Dances of Universal Peace, as a form of moving meditation, to help quiet the mind (ego), giving the heart (soul) a chance to be heard. Dave continues, "From the beginning of time, sacred movement, song and story have helped people touch the spiritual essence within themselves and others. As in these timeless mystic traditions, the Dances use simple music, lyrics, and movements. No musical or dance experience of any kind is necessary, everything is taught."

According to Dave, each workshop is different, depending on how the group energy unfolds. When appropriate, other meditative techniques developed by Dance Network Founder Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz may be introduced, as well as short readings from mystic poets such as Jelaluddin Rumi; contemporary authors such as James Redfield (Celestine Prophecy); and musical artists such as Indigo Girls.

"This workshop invites you to get out of your head and into your heart to celebrate the love, beauty, peace, and joy of the Divine in a caring environment where your own unique, individual spiritual experiences can be fostered," Dave concludes. "There's really no need (nor opportunity) to take notes - true knowing comes only through first-hand experience. Our focus is on feeling (heart-centered) rather than typical workshops which are intellectually based (head-centered). By acting from a sacred, humble place of stillness, the appropriate energy of self-discovery and self-healing is invited to come through in whatever form is best suited for each individual present. Typically, all that come with an open mind leave with an open heart."

A suggested donation of $15 to $25 per person is requested from each attendee. All proceeds benefit our locally-based <local host organization>, PeaceWorks International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace, and allow this work to continue. For further information call <phone number> or visit the web site at

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