Integrated Body Therapy
Offered By Dave Walker, CMT
Santa Cruz, California

First and foremost, the work I offer comes from the depth of my being with love and gratitude. My 600+ hours of professional training are comprised of Surya Transgradient Counseling, Surya Transgradient Touch, Polarity Therapy, and Swedish Massage. My daily practice of the Surya Meditation helps facilitate deep connection with my clients and the source of all healing.

Sessions are personalized to meet each individual's needs. They range from the familiar Swedish style massage to the profound uniqueness of the Surya energywork to various combinations of all my trainings and life experiences. The Surya Transgradient Healing page provides additional information specifically about the Surya work.

Sessions are an hour or more and the fee is a sliding scale $60-$90 per hour based on what you can afford.

I also speak to groups and organizations about a variety of health-related topics including the Surya Meditation and other teachings of Dr. Michael Mamas & the Surya Program. Length can be tailored to fit the desires of the local group. Any combination of half day, full day, morning, afternoon, and evening presentations and workshops can be arranged.

In 1981, I graduated from Bradley University with a BS in Computer Science. By 1993, my professional life as a computer programmer and division manager had become unfulfilling. Then through a series of life transforming events, I became a “true seeker” on the spiritual path. I started exploring innumerable avenues including Barbara Brennan, Pathwork, Dances of Universal Peace, and Universal Sufism. At first, my journey was about my own personal process. But as I explored more and more I discovered that my reason for being in this world is also to help others “know the beauty of who they truly are.” Since then I have become a Certified Massage Therapist and opened a private practice. I am also a graduate of the Surya Program (, a very grounded 3-year process therapy and healer training program with additional years of their Graduate Program. As a committed healer, dedicated to fulfilling my true calling of helping others return to wholeness, I continue to seek training and study in fields related to health, healing, and discovering who we truly are.

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