Dances of Universal Peace Experiential Workshops
Offered By Dave Nur-al-Haqq Walker

Hosting a Workshop

Touching the spiritual essence within oneself is perhaps the greatest of gifts. I am so humbled and honored to help facilitate opportunities for people to do so. Those involved with making the arrangements and preparations for holding a workshop in their area often come away with heighten feelings knowing that they too helped facilitate such deep, meaningful experiences for others.

Hosting a workshop in your area is really quite simple and any expenses you incur will be reimbursed from event proceeds. As detailed below, finding a space in which to hold the workshop and getting the word out are really the two primary concerns.


Workshop length can be tailored to fit the desires of the local group. Any combination of half day, full day, afternoon, and evening workshops can be arranged. Evening events are typically no longer than 3 hours. On weekends, longer workshops can run from 6 to 8 hours including a lunch or dinner break. Multi-day events are also possible.

Finding a Suitable Space

Since we are connecting with Divine energy, "sacred" spaces are preferred. Many church sanctuaries have movable pews or chairs. Other spiritual retreat centers, meditation rooms, etc, also make wonderful Dance spaces. Whether the area is typically used for sacred gatherings or not, it should be aesthetically pleasing, feel warm and comfortable, and have open floor space large enough to allow the group to hold hands in one (or more concentric) circles for dancing.

We'll need access to bathrooms and drinking water. An optional kitchen area is also a plus for longer events.

Compensation for using the facility can be done in terms of either a flat rental fee or as a tithed portion of the proceeds. Often, churches will charge $1 per attendee. Each case will likely be a bit different, so it's best to discuss specific financial arrangements on an individual basis.

Getting the Word Out

Once the time and place are set, informing the public becomes the host's main task. Getting the word out has advantages both for existing Dance groups and areas where no local Dance group is established. For established groups, this is a great opportunity to widen your Dance circle and draw in new people. It's a no cost way for you to reach out further into the community. In areas where the Dances of Universal Peace are not currently happening, this is a chance for the community to experience something new and different. Introducing a community to the Dances often can, when enough enthusiasm is shown, encourage a leader living several hours away to establish a new circle.

Letting people know about the workshop is most commonly done by sending press releases to local newspapers, public service announcements to local radio stations, and circulating flyers around town. Posting flyers in "spiritual" and "new age" establishments usually produce good results.

Some examples are:
health food stores
alternative medicine facilities
spritual centers
new age classes
yoga, meditation, and other Eastern philosphy groups
contemporary clothing stores
book stores

I have a sample press release, public service announcement, and flyer online to get you started. You can download and edit them yourself, or I would be glad to assist you in developing something specific for your group or area.

Your paper and photocopying costs will be reimbursed from the event proceeds. Please save all receipts. Depending on how many flyers you are able to distribute, you might want to consider colored paper. Places like Kinko's can charge as much as 10 cents extra for colored paper, so be sure to check into it first. We can discuss an "advertising budget" a bit more once the event is scheduled.

Event Day Concerns

Overlooking things amidst the bustle of last minute preparations is something we have all experienced at one point or another. Items of concern here include things like having access (keys if need be) to the facility, cups for drinking water, clearing the space of pews, chairs, tables, etc...

I like to arrive in town at least a few hours ahead of time or the day before when possible. We need to make sure we have pre-arranged a meeting place and that I have phone numbers and directions to that meeting place as well as the facility itself (just in case). I like to arrive at the facility itself about an hour before the advertised start time.

Just prior to the workshop, one or more greeters are needed to welcome people, explain the facility layout (coat racks, drinking water, bathrooms, etc) and point out the mailing list, donation basket, etc...

During the workshop, we will want to mention/promote PeaceWorks and the local host organization. Since I will likely not be too familiar with your area, I'll need to rely on the host to provide information to the group on local/closest Dance circles, related groups and happenings, web sites, etc...

Adding a Local Touch

Some folks really enjoy organizing these kinds of events. I encourage all to participate in whatever way they feel appropriate. For instance, during workshop breaks snacks are always a welcome sight. For the longer workshops, folks might consider doing a pot luck meal or even preparing a meal for everyone. There's nothing like good home cookin'. In the latter case, money could certainly be collected to cover the expense of the groceries - either by separate donation or as part of the total cost of the workshop.

Occasionally, overnight accomodations for people traveling long distances or those who cannot drive at night are needed. By the end of the workshop, people have such good feelings about one another that it's never a problem to find some place to stay, yet it doesn't hurt to make arrangements ahead of time when possible. As for myself, my (appropriately named) Caravan is set up for sleeping. People often graciously invite me into their homes, and while this is certainly not expected nor required, it is very much appreciated.

Collecting and Distributing Proceeds

A suggested donation of $5 to $25 per person is requested depending on the length of the workshop and the gratitude of each attendee. All proceeds are tithed to PeaceWorks International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace and the hosting local organization after facility rental, advertising, and any other expenses are covered. Any remaining proceeds allow me to continue doing this work.

The host is welcome to organize a pre-registration if desired, though it is typically only necessary when prepared meals are included.

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